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Conveniently located at 600 Park Blvd, just a short walk from the Washington St. Mall, down the road from the CVS Pharmacy.


​Make your visit to Balance complete! 

We Specialize in providing unique, memorable activities for celebrations such as Bridal Parties, Birthday Parties, Family Reunions, and Girlfriends' (or Boyfriends') Getaways. 

  • ​​Professional instruction in small groups
  • Private sessions in the studio, on the beach, or at your home away from home with certified instructors.
  • ​Professional Massage Services, including Deep tissue, Swedish, and Thai Yoga Massage

Cape May’s

only fully-equipped

Pilates & Yoga


Join us in our tranquil space where you can begin or advance your practice at one of our many classes, or enjoy a relaxing massage, under the compassionate guidance of our dedicated and highly trained team members. 

We look forward to working with you. 

With gratitude, Judy

What to Expect