Spring Fling Specials

Unlimited Class Pass - Now til 5/29/17

Yoga Classes - $150

ALL Classes - $300

5 Each Available.

You may freeze a pass you have to take advantage of this sale.

Spring Fling 10 Classes - $120

Spring Fling 20 - $208

These passes expire 5 months from purchase.

10 Passes Each Available.

Passes are non-transferable, no extensions, no exceptions.

Sizzling Summer Specials

Packages Valid 5/25/17-9/4/17

These are non-transferable & non-refundable. No extensions.

Only 3 Packages Available per Offer. Purchase Yours Now!


10 Privates +Unlimited Classes



5 Privates + 5 Sixty Minute Massages + 10 Classes



Unlimited Classes



Unlimited Yoga (studio & beach)


Drop-In Group Classes

Pilates Springboard & Pilates Reformer = $30*
In Studio Yoga, Pilates Mat = $17. 
Yoga @ the Cove Beach = $15 (cash only on location).
*Two classes will be deducted for  Pilates Springboard from class passes.

Mats available free of charge!
Class fees include any necessary equipment

Multiple Class Passes*
3 = $45 (expires 30 days from purchase)
4 = $60 (expires 30 days from purchase)
5 = $75 (expires 3 months)
10 = $140 (expires 3 months)
20 = $260 (expires 6 months)
30 = $330 (expires 6 months)
50 = $500 (expires 365 days)


These passes are non-refundable and not transferable to friends or family. 
No extensions.
*Two classes will be deducted for Pilates Springboard & Pilates Reformer from class passes.

Private Sessions
​Pilates or Yoga Private Session Single Session = $85
Duet = $90  Trio = $105 
Private Group = starting at $125 (up to 10 students, then $10 additional/student)

Solo Private Session Packages
5 sessions = $350 (expires 3 months)
10 = $650 (expires 6 months)
20 = $1250 (expires 365 days)
50 = $3000 (expires 365 days) 

These packages are not transferable to friends or family. No refunds. No extensions.


Relaxing, Therapeutic, & Thai Yoga Massage Available

Special Intro Massage - 60 Minute - $65

60 Minutes - $85

75 Minutes - $100

90 Minutes - $115

Cash & Check Only - Price Includes 7% NJ Sales Tax


Cancellation Policy:  

Students registering for class are expected to attend class.   
Canceling less than 24 hours in advance or not showing up will result in an automatic deduction from Multi Class Passes and Packages.    
Should you have individual sessions or classes and you late cancel or no show, usual rates apply. 
Your Visa or Mastercard will be charged the full rate for no shows or late cancellations: $15-$30 for Classes and $85-$125 for Private Sessions or Massages.   
If you register online, you will not be able to cancel less than 24 hours in advance of the scheduled class time. Registering online is a commitment to attend.   

Change in Schedule Policy:
The class schedule evolves and may change unexpectedly. 
Those students registered in advance will be notified of any unexpected changes to the schedule.   
Any changes to the schedule will be reflected on the online schedule, scheduler, voicemail message and posted on the door of the studio (time permitting).   

Expiration Dates:
All packages and class passes have expiration dates. Please be aware upon purchase these dates will not be extended.   
Packages and class passes are not transferable to other students.   
Returned check fee: $35   
Gratuities for services are accepted in cash form only. Balance does not allow gratuities to be charged to debt&/or credit card transactions.


  • If it is your first time attending class, please show up 10 minutes early. 
  • Arrive on time with an empty stomach and an open mind.  

  • Leave your shoes in the reception area shoe rack/bench. 

  • Your belongings can remain with your shoes during class. 

  • The door is locked at the beginning of class.   

  • Please turn off your cell phone upon arrival.   

  • Water is permitted in the practice room.   

  • Mats and other props (blankets, blocks, straps, etc.) are available at no extra charge.   

  • Please use the washcloths and mat spray provided to leave mats as clean as you found them for the other students. 
  • Neatly store any borrowed equipment as you found them as well.