200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Judy Heany

Become a skilled, confident teacher.

Deepen your personal practice.

Share your passion for yoga.

Training includes:

  • 50+ Asanas (poses)
  • Pranayama Techniques (breath)
  • Sequencing for Your Best Class
  • Cutting Edge Knowledge of Anatomy for Safety & Effectiveness
  • History, Philosophy, & Mythology of Yoga
  • Modifications, Contraindications, & Adjustments
  • How to Make Your Passion Your Profession

Offered @ Pilates Core Center - Cherry Hill, NJ

One Weekend Per Month Starting April 1, 2017  for One Year

Click Here  for Details.

Offered in 3 Five Day Training Modules

MODULE 1: May 31 - June 4

MODULE 2: August 23 - 27

MODULE 3: Nov 15 - 19

Wednesday - Sunday @ 8 am - 6 pm

$1000 per Module

$750 Early Bird for Module 1, if Registered by 3/1/17

$500 per Module if Paid in Full ($1500) by 3/1/17

$500 Reserves Your Spot, Payment Plans Available.

Coming January 2018 - month-long intensive option too!

1/2/18 - 2/2/18  Monday - Friday 10 am - 4 pm

$1500 Paid in Full by 9/1/17

or $2250 in 3 payments, balance due by 10/1/17

or $3000 in 6 payments, balance due by 12/1/17

Call 609-884-3001 to Apply

300 Hour Core Strength Vinyasa  Advanced Teacher Training

with Judy Heany,  Anya Hawkes & Alyson Wish

@ Balance

Yoga teachers! Take your practice, teaching and knowledge to the NEXT LEVEL with this CORE STRENGTH VINYASA ROCKSTAR 300HR TRAINING. Join Alyson Wish (CAN), Anya Hawkes (UK), and Judy Heany (US), three of Sadie Nardini’s hand-picked Master Trainers for an incredible CSV Yoga Teacher Training in Cape May!

An epic opportunity for you to experience this revolutionary style and boost your career to new levels. This is truly a "teachers" teacher training. Learn principles behind Sadie's signature style, apply cutting edge anatomy, move biomechanically not traditionally, and use deep core anatomy of the myofsacial muscle meridians as a primary tool for effective function and flow within vinyasa-based practices in this transitional yoga style.

CSV translates yoga philosophy into real world language to find your authentic teaching voice and Rock Your Life to the Core. And it’s FUN! Students love it. Become part of a growing, global, group of yoga teachers in this evolving style.

Registered Senior Yoga Teachers, ERYT500, Passionate Consciousness Warriors, Radical Presence Pioneers, Alyson and Anya teach with clarity, positive self-centering, authentic expression, and real world language. They both bring diverse elements of expertise to the training with compassion and humor. Alyson and Anya developed this 300hr training alongside Sadie in a way that allows you to integrate CSV principles over the course of the six Modules naturally into your teaching style. At the end of the training you will be confident to guide your students through kick asana Core Strength Vinyasa flow classes and workshops!

Our 300hr training reveals so much more profound information. Students claim that CSV Yoga transforms their relationship to yoga forever. Once you have the knowledge, there is no turning back!

Empower yourself and others to BE the change.


Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga is a perspective on yoga.

CSV Yoga empowers.
Stand in your truth,
and shine.

CSV Yoga creates space.
Light up your potential
from the inside out.

CSV Yoga transforms.
Move the way
you were born to move.

Get a new perspective.
Start a revolution.
Core Strength.

Join the NEXT WAVE of YOGA


Each Module offers a unique physical and philosophical focus to advance you and your teaching to the next level.
*** Modules can be taken in any order.

The 4 Fundamental Cues
Revolutionize Your Sun Salutations
Biomechanics Based Standing Poses
Deep Core Anatomy
Traditional vs. Cutting Edge Holistic Anatomy
The Mighy Psoas
Golden Flame Breath
Myofascial Muscle Meridians: Deep Front Line, Superficial Back Line Superficial Front Line

Your Teaching Essence
7 Core Cues as Metaphor
Hacking Your Standing Poses
Better Backbends: Heart Openers From the Core
Anatomy & Aspects of the Core
Anatomy & Pathologies of the Spine
Myofascial Muscle Meridians: Superficial Back Line, Superficial Front Line
Fabulous Forward Folds
Adapting Asana for Diverse Populations

Inner Inquiry: Steps to Enlightenment
Anatomy & Problem-Solving
Myofascial Muscle Meridian: Arm Lines
Containment & Expression
More Stable Binds
Anatomy of the Shoulders
Stretch Reflex for Sweeter Stretches
Empowering Inversions for Every Body
Courageous Arm Balances
Holistic & Energetic Assists
Pranayama & Breath Exploration

Busting Self-Sabotage
Ayurveda: Honoring Your Constitution & Authentic Expression
Fine-Tuning Your CSV Teaching Skills
Healthy Hip Openers
Effective Twists from Your Core
Restoratives: Strength in Surrender
Myofascial Muscle Meridian: Spiral Lines
Branding Your Unique Offering to the World
Finding Your Authentic Voice
Creating Workshops & Retreats

Intelligent Sequencing: Kramas & Beyond
10 Steps to Creative Sequencing
Physicalizing the Philosophical
Authentic Interfacing: Manifesting You
Anatomy of Transitions & Flow
Myofascial Muscle Meridian: Lateral Lines
Stronger Standing Balances
Stand in Your Truth
Personal Expression: Ambiance, Music, Magnetism

Fine-tuning your teaching, practice creating abundance for you! Rock your success as you build an online community, and make more conscious money doing what you love.
Fill Your Classes: Make Way More Conscious Money and Create Online Community (and Income!) Doing What You Love
Steps to Social Media Success
Take Better Photos of Your Asana
Purposeful Vinyasa Variations
Body Symmetry & Energy Forces within Asana
Myofascial Muscle Meridian: Functional Lines
Living Your Core Message

This awesome immersion is going to provide the missing link between what you learned in your teacher trainings, and how to actually support yourself (without draining yourself!) with your beloved yoga career! It can be done, and by the end of this immersion, you will know why your current marketing strategies have not been working as well as they could, how to hone your Core Message and match it with all your marketing efforts, how to do all of this simply, and with little to no expense.

This is possible for anyone, and Sadie and her Master Trainers will teach you how!


Gain 50hrs of training or Continuing Education Credits with Yoga Alliance U.S.

Become a 300RYT in CSV Yoga with Sadie Nardini.


Save $250 = $750

$1950 ($650 per Module)

***All Payments in USD

6 Five Day Modules

Module 1 - October 25-29, 2017

Module 2 - March 21-25, 2018

Module 3 - June 27 - July 2, 2018

Module 4 - October 24-28, 2018

Module 5 - March 27-31, 2019

Module 6 - June 24-28, 2019